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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site!
My name is Magan Junkin, I am a photographer located in Birmingham Alabama.
The work I do isn't to show off a fancy background or the most unique props. I want to capture the little expressions, the smiles, and the love of my subjects. Sometimes that means snapping a shot of a hug that is shared with a favorite toy or person. Sometimes it means shooting a frown when the subject isn't happy about the current situation their mom or significant other has placed them in. At times, it is a playful giggle or a small hand grabbing a toe. Each phase in our life is so different and in time I think those little things that seem so futile and normal will be our favorite memories.
This is why I love what I do, I am building and gathering memories that will live on in a picture forever! These images that seem special today, will be cherished and will bring tears to older eyes one day. I have already experienced this feeling when I look at pictures of my babies, a special occasion and of loved ones who have moved on.
God has given us so much beauty in this world, and I want to use the talents He has given me to capture all of the goodness in all of the little things we see every day.
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